Chains of Deception (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)

fatal attraction!!, ‘Chains of Deception’ is a wonderful book about a women ‘Renee’ who is married to ‘Gray’ for five years but she falls for a new co worker Stephen Morretti the moment he is introduced in an office meeting. Renee falls under spell of Stephens extremely charismatic good looks and appealing personality that she Read more about Chains of Deception (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)[…]

Track Down Africa

An adventurous mission!!!, ‘Track Down Africa’ by Scott Conrad is an adventure of marine- brad and his fellow friend Ving (retired marine). Brads life is shaken up when he gets news of his cousin ‘Jessica’ (his closest and dearest family member) disappearing without checking in with her father ‘Jack’ while she was on a treasure Read more about Track Down Africa[…]

Killer Eulogy and Other Stories

A superb suspense collection! ‘Killer Eulogy and other stories‘ by Warren Bull is a wonderful fiction collection of short stories filled with mystery, murder and emotions. ‘Company Policy’, ‘And Others’, ‘Killer Eulogy’ , ‘Natural Killers’, ‘One Last Job’, ‘Salvage’, ‘The Note’ and ‘On The Edge’ are some stories in the book. The stories are very Read more about Killer Eulogy and Other Stories[…]

The Year of the Horsetails

History made interesting!! ‘The Year of the Horsetails’ by R.F. Tapsell is an excellent , well imagined fictional tale based on history where we are introduced with character known as ‘Bardiya’ who is a soldier in the army of Kagan of the brutal Mongol, like central Asian nomad people of the Tugars. Escaping the barbaric Read more about The Year of the Horsetails[…]

The Tragic Romance of Africa: A True Adventure

A heart warming true story!! ‘The Tragic Romance of Africa’ is a heart warming and heart breaking adventurous memoir of Dennis Hubbard the writer himself. The book gives its readers an inside view of writers life, his love,friendship,work and hardship and a very common issue witnessed those days ‘racism'(60 years back). Each event and occasion Read more about The Tragic Romance of Africa: A True Adventure[…]

A New Dawn (The Guardians Chronicles – Fantasy Epic Book 1)

A wonderful work of fantasy and fiction!! ‘A New Dawn’ is a great work of fantasy and fiction by Ann .H. Barlow. It is an epic story where a young girl, Sahara Driver is the main character. The story begins slowly with simple life of Sahara, she has had a very sad past with death Read more about A New Dawn (The Guardians Chronicles – Fantasy Epic Book 1)[…]