Tales of Block E

Enjoyable intricacy behind each tale. ‘Tales of Block E’ is a collection of compelling tales from bygone era of 1979 that manages to enliven and enhance intriguing situations of different characters experiencing variety of emotion justified by the actions taken by them. With an authentic period feel and convincing characters, ‘The Rand Hotel’, ‘American Adonis’ Read more about Tales of Block E[…]

The Ethereans Dark Genesis

A virtual romp through realm beyond imagination. ‘The Ethereans Dark Genesis’ is an engaging adventure of exploration through the worlds of light and dark realms, after the most honored Etherean- The great explorer, mysteriously disappears along with other Ethereans while venturing in a strange new virtual realm he had created using an unstable element known Read more about The Ethereans Dark Genesis[…]

UFOs and God

Entertaining and evocative. Beautifully conceived and executed ‘UFOs and God’ is an intriguing collection of short stories, ranging widely in both tone and plots with varying formats and lengths in multiple genres. Delivered with most picturesque imagery, elegant yet descriptive, ‘UFOs and God’ is a solid piece of literary collection that cleverly uses an array Read more about UFOs and God[…]

The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Stig’s Flight of Encounters

A compelling addition to the YA fiction genre. ‘The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Stig’s Flight of Encounters’ is a worthwhile and compelling addition to the YA fantasy fiction genre bolstered by a dynamic protagonist and his adventurous tale of endurance and courage. Security of Chelldrah-ham is considered impregnable until Stig’s new invention- test run of Read more about The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Stig’s Flight of Encounters[…]

How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space

Informative and educating. Author Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos is a crystal healing practitioner and her passion for the subject is evident through her evocative, practical and inspiring self help book ‘How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space’. This book does not bog you down with technical terms or scientific data but contains real, proven-actionable steps Read more about How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space[…]

The Limpet Syndrome

A reprieve from stereotypical reads! A pleasingly original contribution to the science fiction fantasy genre, ‘The Limpet Syndrome’ is a well thought out read superbly crafted with impressive imagery. Combined with a writing style that provides vivid mental pictures of characters and settings without being overly tedious, author Tony Moyle unfolds a fascinating plot with Read more about The Limpet Syndrome[…]