The Filmmaker’s Journey: Or What Nobody Tells You About the Industry


The Filmmaker’s Journey- A true guidebook.

Based on real life experiences, ‘The Filmmaker’s Journey’ is a truly unique self help book of its kind from the very talented, self made- award winning filmmaker and CEO of Stories in Motion- Mr Chris Esper.
With the immaculate writing quality and educating knowledge, author Chris Esper briefly takes readers through the very beginning of his journey of film making, enlightening every nook and corner of approaching the ambition of being a filmmaker by dividing his story into 12 easy-to-understand chapters embedded with real life experiences that would prove very useful and inspiring for those who choose to make a career in the industry. Author Chris Esper smartly emphasizes on the usage of internet and highlights today’s available technology by encouraging one to use online media for help and making a movie, discouraging the very lame & negative excuses of money, equipment and going to film school which are just a waste of energy and serve as a barrier for the first enthusiastic step taken towards the path of film making.
‘The Filmmaker’s Journey’ is definitely a talisman- a true guidebook which is bound to help new upcoming filmmakers, reveling the inside story that nobody tells about the industry in such an impressive and captivating style.
Author Chris Esper’s experience and knowledge of his field deserve to be treasured by those with interest in film making and is also worthy of being read for educational and knowledge enriching purposes. Highly recommended!


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