The Altar Boy

Honest, believable and relentlessly gripping. A fascinating historical backdrop with an authentic period feel that manages to enliven and enhance a rambunctious era of 1960’s governed by the power of catholic church, ‘The Altar Boy’ is a fictionalized memoir of a young compelling character of a boy -Carl Sanders. Author Phil Stephen capably sketches a Read more about The Altar Boy[…]

Lucan (The Lucan Trilogy Book 1)

A read brimming with passion and perils. An absorbing first installment in the series- ‘Lucan (The Lucan Trilogy Book 1)’ is a promising debut that re-energizes the YA urban fantasy genre. Author mda gives out a well written provocative reimaging of the world of werewolf descendants amongst humans as ‘Lucan’. Things tend to feel weird Read more about Lucan (The Lucan Trilogy Book 1)[…]

Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga Book 1)

Poignant yet enchanting journey of a young boy. Embedded in the world of grit and action amidst corruption and greed ‘Crown of Delusion’ is an epic fantasy read in every sense of word with perfectly paced authentic details and believable cast of characters. King ‘Vicar Hamens’ brutal assassination by his most trustworthy knight Amar turns Read more about Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga Book 1)[…]

Enaya: Solace of Time

Spellbinding tale of power, magic, kingdom, evil and good. ‘Solace of time’ is one of the most intriguing and spellbinding fantasy read which possesses the power of drawing one in from the very first chapter where we come across Nile Whitman a young man living in the kingdom of woodlands who will further take his Read more about Enaya: Solace of Time[…]

Crumbling Walls (The Jack and Emily Series)

Love will conquer it all!! ‘Crumbling Walls’ is a sweet, touching and a romantic debut novel by author Laura Strandt, with a mesmerizing read about two young collage going teens- Jack and Emily, who are one of the most perfect couples- simply made for each other. Where Jack falls for Emily from the very first Read more about Crumbling Walls (The Jack and Emily Series)[…]

Out of the Tower: A detective story of the emotions

A heart touching tale of a strong girl ‘Out of the Tower’ is truly one of the most heart warming and a heart touching tale of a girl child- Jemima, who was left all by herself to put up with her childhood days all alone when all of a sudden over a night her father Read more about Out of the Tower: A detective story of the emotions[…]