Darkness Beyond the Light

A captivating combination of family love, will & adventure. Filled with intriguing insight into the world of an addict and those around him, author Michael Embry builds excitement in this riveting followup to the novel ‘Old Ways and New Days’ with brilliant narration and believable characters through adventure pulsing with energy and tension. Geared up Read more about Darkness Beyond the Light[…]

Proper Goodbye

An absorbing standalone installment. Mingled with wit and wisdom ‘Proper Goodbye’ is a poignant yet brilliantly narrated tale of Beebe Walker and her family. Working as a grief counselor at a local funeral home, its time for Beebe Walker to stand strong and come to terms with painful, deteriorated relationships of the past. Abandoned by Read more about Proper Goodbye[…]

A Foolish Consistency

Spellbinding tale of rekindling romance! Callie Winwood and Will Tremaine get blessed by destiny’s second chance to rekindle their long-lost, 2 decade old love relation until past intervenes with their mesmerizing romance bringing in sorrows from the past of Callie’s divorce and Will’s children and ex-in laws grieving over the death and loss of Will’s Read more about A Foolish Consistency[…]

The Link: Colette’s Return

Irresistible family drama! Want to know what it feels like to have a ‘Star’ as a mummy?, ‘Colette’s Return’ is sure to take her readers on an interesting family drama voyage where we are to witness life of a most beautiful looking star ,’Colette’ who returns home for her two lovely kids Rudi or Rudisha; Read more about The Link: Colette’s Return[…]

Going Numb

A true inspiration! ‘Going Numb’ by Jim Hirtle is a heart touching novel based on the real life journey of author Jim’s wife ‘Addison’ whose life was totally changed due to the addiction of continuous consumption of a painkiller drug, effecting her career and lives if those, connected to her. Author Jim Hirtle has used Read more about Going Numb[…]


Relation or Profession? ‘Agency’ by Roy Station is a perfect short novel with an interesting and captivating storyline where two young lovers ‘Paul’ and ‘Julie’ are committed couples and are dedicated to each other inspite of financial rises, both are struggling to keep their employment agency running during the period of recession since they are Read more about Agency[…]