Letting Go: A Novel

Life’s paradox well depicted. A Women’s fiction smartly balanced with elements like romance, social consciousness and other distillations of life, ‘Letting Go’ is a well rounded, multilayered modern day parable by author Maria Corley. Ignorance and abuse are brought to light as are the healing powers of care, respect and love when author unfolds her Read more about Letting Go: A Novel[…]

Eve’s Destiny: Mike and Eve Series #1

A promising debut that is highly immersive. A promising promotion at ‘Colby Designs’ brings independent, headstrong Eve Townsend to New York city far from her dearest and closet friends and home town San Francisco when a crime investigation intervenes Eve’s destiny with handsome NYPD detective Michael Mc Garrett, leaving sparks flying from the very moment Read more about Eve’s Destiny: Mike and Eve Series #1[…]

Proper Goodbye

An absorbing standalone installment. Mingled with wit and wisdom ‘Proper Goodbye’ is a poignant yet brilliantly narrated tale of Beebe Walker and her family. Working as a grief counselor at a local funeral home, its time for Beebe Walker to stand strong and come to terms with painful, deteriorated relationships of the past. Abandoned by Read more about Proper Goodbye[…]

BERNIE TAYLOR: Life, Lust, Trust & Betrayal

Tender, touching and yet resonant ‘Bernie Taylor: Life, Lust, Trust and Betrayal’ is a masterful contemporary women’s erotica that unfolds a bold, impressive and sexy character of ‘Bernie Taylor’ a women with strong head, high ambitions and clear vision of needs and how to achieve them. Success at work and men come easy for Bernie Read more about BERNIE TAYLOR: Life, Lust, Trust & Betrayal[…]

Thistle Dew

A poignant yet triumphant tale. ‘Thistle Dew’ is an amusingly spellbinding narration of a passionate animal lover, horse trainer Meredith McBride whose dysfunctional family and abusive mother has played an important role in shaping up her low self esteem personality. Meredith’s passion for horses brings her to Teton valley and intertwines her destiny with a Read more about Thistle Dew[…]

The Raven’s Daughter

Crime thriller full of mysteries, enigmas & a little bit of romance. ‘The Raven’s Daughter’ is a fast paced read, full of mysteries, enigmas and a little bit of romance that whisks the readers immediately into a highly imaginative and gripping thriller with an ever engaging plot, full of fresh twists and turns. Retired criminologist Read more about The Raven’s Daughter[…]

Love’s Deadly Masquerade

Discouraging the evil of domestic violence Want to be a witness to abusive assaults? Author Yani gives her readers a thought over the sensitive issue of domestic violence in the form of an intriguing thriller by taking her readers through life journey of a 22 year old, young and beautiful woman Vanessa Lofton whose dream Read more about Love’s Deadly Masquerade[…]


Live, enjoy and lose yourself in ‘The Double’ ‘The Double’ is a gripping tale of ‘double’ fascinating characters, which is bound to double up the excitement and entertainment for the readers while taking them through the intervening life corridors of two women who are living life in contrast to each other. In spite of all Read more about THE DOUBLE[…]