Out For Blood: 18 Authentic True Crime Stories of Murder and Mayhem

Of enduring interest to crime spree savourers. Agonizing, unsettling and some graphically gruesome collection of true crime narratives, ‘Out For Blood’ is a non fictional account of cold blooded serial killers and their brutality (who killed the innocent ‘just for fun’ or chose their victims randomly). Using photos of victims and murderers, police procedural and Read more about Out For Blood: 18 Authentic True Crime Stories of Murder and Mayhem[…]

The Devourer

Attention grabbing narrative. An emotionally and historically rich work, delivered with picturesque imagery and mastery over language and its nuances, ‘The Devourer’ is a paranormal suspense with strong character portrait of an intrepid and modest wife and a frightening villain with his ominous secrets twisted in the times of 19th century (1858) Paris. Fashion shop Read more about The Devourer[…]

A Murder of Saints: A Novel

An appealing work, unexpectedly suspenseful. With mounting suspense & overwhelming skepticism ‘A Murder of Saints’ is a dark entertaining thriller with provocative prologue encouraging a break through compelling plot. Living with dreadful memories of sister Sophie Fields shocking death, revenge, pain and anger has turned a caring brother-little Charlie (Charlton) into an avenging, destructive attention Read more about A Murder of Saints: A Novel[…]

The Ghost of Cattingham Hall

Tale of fight and survival against unimaginable. ‘The Ghost of Cattingham Hall’ is a spine chilling, yet enthralling and vividly detailed novel intricately developed in the genre of supernatural paranormal read where author Amber A. Cross skillfully brings her readers to witness a creepy tale of a young teenager Maddie, who has come to live Read more about The Ghost of Cattingham Hall[…]

Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death (Symphonie De Mort)

A collection of dark erotica with creepy unusual ends! ‘Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death’ is an entertaining collection of eight short stories woven into an intriguing plot with intense dark creepy erotica. ‘The Breeders’,’Target Practice’, ‘Time a Wastin’, ‘Up the Fundament’, ‘Whispering Bunnies’, For the Alpha’, ‘At Death’s Door’ and ‘I Saw All’ Read more about Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death (Symphonie De Mort)[…]

Entangled Souls: A Social Media Thriller

‘Hard to put down,captivating read’ Author Bettina Buechel’s thriller novel ‘Entangled Souls’ is sure to bound its readers through a captivating life story of John, who considers himself responsible for his own younger brother’s death and tries to end his life by attempting suicide but John is coincidentally saved by his young, handsome and not-to-give-up Read more about Entangled Souls: A Social Media Thriller[…]