Proper Goodbye

An absorbing standalone installment.

Mingled with wit and wisdom ‘Proper Goodbye’ is a poignant yet brilliantly narrated tale of Beebe Walker and her family. Working as a grief counselor at a local funeral home, its time for Beebe Walker to stand strong and come to terms with painful, deteriorated relationships of the past. Abandoned by mother Abigail Walker decades ago without a word of explanation had left Beebe with a strained relation with her father, until she learns about a secret revealed by her ex-fiance Victor Bostick about a secret burial of Terri Miller in her fathers cemetery.

Entertaining yet heart wrenching, author Connie Chappell’s novel is a gripping tale that unfolds at a reasonable pace with characters that felt real and showed complex ideas as they tried to overcome adversity. Author Connie was very impressive with her evocative prose and imagery as she manages to evoke emotional attachment for each of her characters that was manipulative beyond measures and is bound to captivated readers till the very end. The intersection of characters stories dominates this wise and sad coming of age story, showing how people are shaped by their losses. ‘Proper Goodbye’ is an absorbing standalone installment after ‘Wild Raspberries’ that is worthy of recommendation.

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