Escaping the Prince (Bedlam in Brandydook Book 1)


Fascinating Pixie tale

Author Lorraine O’ Byrne in her amazing fantasy novel ‘Escaping the Prince’ manages to put together all that one needs in a book, with cute lovable characters and enchanting plot and once the reader is lured into the book there is absolutely no way out. ‘Escaping the Prince’ will take kids and its readers to a whole new world of fantasy tale with its vivid colorful descriptions and smooth gripping narration. Chosen by the Prince Morgan through the ball to marry him on his 16th birthday, pixie Buttercup finds this idea very annoying and a threat to her desire to adventure in the land of humans, so to get out of this mess she decides to flee the Kingdom of Brandydook with the help of her friend Goodwin, increasing the trouble for herself and Prince Morgan unknowingly.
Though ‘Escaping the Prince’ is an engrossing read for young children of age 8 to 12 ,it sure does prove to be a light refreshing read for adults, giving them a reminder of their childhood days by taking them through the fantasy pixie world. Those who want to learn more about the innocent and mischievous Buttercup and unravel her adventure in the land of humans, ‘Escaping the Prince’ is an answer to their curiosity. I’m sure after this book, every child will expect more to come in this series from the very talented author Lorraine O’ Byrne. ‘Escaping the Prince’ is a beautiful insight into the world of fantasy, dream world every child deserves. Highly recommended!

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