Future Memories: Time Travel University Book 2


Indulge in the adventure of perfect Sci-fi,

Author Tedric Garrison’s creativeness is just amazing and beyond expectation as he continues to place his characters new and old into situations intriguing enough to keep his readers interested and engaged through his sequel ‘Time Rescue:Time Travel University Book 1’
Weaving a strong, full of fresh twists, surprises and well paced action ‘Future Memories: Time Travel University Book 2’ brings in Peter’s daughter Kundalina or Lini from future to save Peter after she has already witnessed his murder. Taking chance and risking their lives from the wild hunt of time travellers, Peter, Lini and Zoe travel to future searching for faith.
Immaculate style of narration with gripping interplay between the characters embedded into well imagined and believable plot brings this time travel novel up to a standard which cannot be described by mere words. The story unfolds entertainingly at a breakneck pace in this riveting follow up bringing each character to life.
To enjoy and indulge in the adventure of a perfect sci-fi, I would recommend that one should read ‘Book 1 of the Time Travel University’ and then go for ‘Future Memories: Time Travel University Book 2’ from author Tedric Garrison. This book is sure to make a perfect addition to the collection of any fiction lover. Highly recommended.

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