Tom’s Inheritance

Unpredictable and mysterious.

Mysterious disappearance of Tom’s granddad ‘Jack’ whisks Tom’s inquisitiveness and leads Beansprout (Tom’s cousin) and Tom on their thrilling quest & into a highly mystical and fanciful other world-‘Realm of water’ which is inhabited by incredible creatures and spirits like faeries, elves, fauns nymphs and sidhe.

‘Tom’s Inheritance’ is a superbly crafted tale with well thought out diction and bold imagery where author Tracey Green engrosses her readers by unfolding the adventures of her characters at an intriguing pace with vivid descriptions. The chapters at in the tale are beautifully textured revealing impressive world building and transition into the magical realm.

The most entertaining and spellbinding aspect of the story is how charismatic yet troubled character of Tom grows and overcomes terrible adversity with others camaraderie in situations where many things are not as what they seem, all connecting in a surprising manner.

Author Tracey Green proves herself a worthy storyteller of the classical style who is well aware of her talent of distilling her thoughts into a material that is masterful. Full of unpredictable mysteries, enigmas and puzzles to solve ‘Tom’s Inheritance’ is sure to make a powerful page turner for young adults and fans of the genre. Recommended for children’s library.

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