Relation or Profession?

‘Agency’ by Roy Station is a perfect short novel with an interesting and captivating storyline where two young lovers ‘Paul’ and ‘Julie’ are committed couples and are dedicated to each other inspite of financial rises, both are struggling to keep their employment agency running during the period of recession since they are both business partners too. Author Roy Stations character ‘Julie’ saves every penny to keep up with life’s reality and goes one step ahead where she takes a decision which crosses a thread like line between commitment and profession which if known to her partner Paul can ruin and shatter her personal long term relation in fractions of seconds.
The novel is very interesting till the last page and keeps its readers wanting to know more. The book ends in an unusual way despite of little ups and downs that no reader can imagine.
This little book makes a perfect travel read and i am sure one would never regret reading this book, which has perfect twists and turns of life’s realities.
I would love to recommend ‘Agency by Roy Station’ to all and esp. to mature readers who have the ability to feel the emotional burst of the novels characters. Its a must read!!

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