The Year Mrs. Cooper Got Out More: A Great Wharf Novel


A tale of self discovery & inner strength

With immaculate style of writing and intriguing narration ‘The Year Mrs. Cooper Got Out More’ is a tale of discovering inner strength and conquering the fear where author Meredith Marple gets a grip on her readers by weaving an intricate yet enthralling read, around an agoraphobic housewife ‘Mallor Cooper’ living in a small town of Great Wharf who struggles to revive her life back to normal leaving behind her grief of past and emptiness around her- encouraged by her husband and the family doctor.
Bringing numerous complex characters to life and building a stunning plot, author Meredith Marple does an amazing job of throwing her protagonist into a thrilling quest of discernment where she will learn to beat the odds of life, keeping readers at the edge of their seats, relating and connecting with the characters and the situations.
‘The Year Mrs. Cooper Got Out More’ is an engaging work of thoughtful writing where author Meredith Marple manages to mingle fast paced drama with mystery and suspense. Those looking for a believable fiction embedded into mystery with a strong female character, this book is a sure recommendation.

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