A Love Story…How God Pursued Me and Found Me: An Impossibly True Story


This wonderful lady deserves our salute, love and respect!

This amazing memoir fills my heart with respect and love for this wonderful lady Samantha Chandler and I salute her courage, believes and morals in life.
‘A Love Story’ is a heart warming yet enchanting journey of author Samantha Chandler where she paints vivid pictures of her abusive childhood to a devastating divorce and temporary loss of her children putting readers under her skin to envision her sufferings of pain and hurdles life threw in her way. I was taken aback and was astonished at the reality that how strong a shattered- discouraged women can get like the author, fighting with negative situations all her life and yet maintaining faith in god and his mercy! It would be an honor to highlight author Samantha’s motivating and encouraging work of being a co-founder of a children’s ministry formerly called Children’s Cross Connection and now called Childspring International where she helped sick, devastating, disfigured children from around the world. It was very inspiring to read about Samantha Chandler, how she let go negativity of life and learned to carve a beautiful positive personality against all odds and serves for the betterment and good for the less privileged ones. No wonder God had chosen to test her abilities because he knew she was capable and strong enough to come out as an inspiration, proving to be a role model for his other less confident and less strong followers.
There is definitely much more to unravel and learn from authors life through this engrossing page turner. I am sure every women will find a friend in Samantha and look up to her memoir as an inspiring guidebook in tough times in life. I would love to highly recommend ‘A Love Story’ to all.

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