Black Suede Jacket


A book with a surprise ending..

‘Black Suede Jacket’ by Julio Bonilla is an interesting short story where a young guy Francisco owns a suede jacket which is very much treasured and valued by him since it was given to him by his mother and said to have proven lucky in some ways but due to unavoidable circumstances he had to lend his suede jacket to a friend ‘Angela Roberts’ who he some how considers ‘just more than a friend’. Further on author Julio Bonilla takes his readers on an interesting ride on how Francisco gets his ‘lucky’ jacket back.
The book is written in very simple language but in an interesting and captivating style which is sure to keep readers well entertained and guessing till the last page.
I would like to request author Julio Bonilla to write more novels and a little long ones since he has a god-gifted talent to turn simple story into an interesting read.
I would recommend ‘Black Suede Jacket’ by Julio Bonilla to all esp. young readers because there are certain emotions in the novel which can be felt by today’s young, desperate and carefree generation readers!

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