Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3


Divine thoughts worth respect and attention.

Rare of its kind- ‘Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Volume 3’ is a compelling, unique and rather magnificent read with spiritual soul embedded in each word. With mastery over language and its nuances, author Ivan A. Pozo gives his readers an incomparable, matchless and highly imagined insight over his thoughts of wisdom that are penned down artistically with great finesse in a thought provoking easy to understand A to Z format.

Covering over 224 topics of interest like faith, forgiveness, love and god (dess), ‘Jewels of Truth’ is a book to be adored, cherished and looked upon for upliftment of ones spirituality in times of adversity and difficulty. Author Ivan A. Pozo is a writer of extraordinary talents whose divine thoughts are worth respect and attention from a diverse range of readers irrespective of their religion, country and customs.

Full of positivity and inspiring perspective, ‘Jewels of Truth’ is sure to touch many souls and hearts by enlightening them in a knowledgeable way. Truth and facts accumulated in the course of time and skillfully woven by author through clairvoyant writing definitely deserves a special place on every mature readers shelf.

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