The Scarlet Promise

Profound exploration of life and unconditional love.

Based on literary romance with an emphasis on faith, family and commitment, ‘The Scarlet Promise’ by author Sangeeta Kathuria is a glittering tale of love, loss and second chances that seamlessly blends with spellbinding narration and evocative prose sprinkled with cultural specific details of two lovers from different countries and completely different traditional backgrounds.

Esha finds her mindfulness fighting the absurdity of fabricated wasteful traditions of wedding-shopping in London, when a young and handsome trainee waiter-Jack happens to notice her underlying aloofness through a conversation with her swaggering sister-in-law Tina. Stealing an opportunity of interacting with Esha while serving the afternoon tea, Jack offers to show Esha London’s beauty and liveliness beyond shopping malls and eventually their friendship believably grows and strengthens into unconditional love in a span of seven days that weighs heavy on seven years of Esha’s marriage on return to India with narcissist wealthy businessman Dev.

‘The Scarlet Promise’ flips forth intriguingly through well told events of endurance tracked in journal kept by Esha for seven years of separation from Jack. Enthralling prologue upholds a well supplemented back story with a host of supporting characters and compelling protagonists. Delighting her readers with an entertaining original premise and emotionally complex plot embedded with a number of powerful moments that are detailed meticulously, author Sangeeta Kathuria’s impeccable read is sure to captivate readers with some unexpected twists in store.

This 5 star read is bound to appeal to the fans of genre and romantics alike through its profound exploration of life and unconditional love that tempers harsh realities with the beauty of hope and faith.

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