Drastic & tense, bone chilling mystery thriller.

‘Anonymous’ is a mystery thriller with a paranormal undertones saturating a bone chilling plot that relays a poignant tale of two young women.

Mysterious occurrences at a hundred year old farm house are driving Debra Hamilton crazy, leaving her to question her possible inheritance of schizophrenia from her mentally ill mother. Befriending with her neighbor Julie, Debra learns about a shattering truth that is disturbing Julie’s married life. While many things are not as they seem, everything amazingly connects in a supersizing twist, making Debra and Julie’s friendship the most intriguing aspect of the story.

Author Christine Benedict masterfully narrates a captivating read with exquisite imagination intricately woven with a clever combination of life-like characters displaying diverse personalities. ‘Anonymous’ is a fast paced thriller with beautifully textured chapters that are dominated by emotional outburst, providing an exceptionally engaging reading experience.

Fans of the genre and mystery lovers are sure to be spellbound and may skip a beat many a times as the plot unfolds delivering a wild ride of unexpected twists. This book is a true piece of entertainment worth reading.

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