Track Down Africa


An adventurous mission!!!,

‘Track Down Africa’ by Scott Conrad is an adventure of marine- brad and his fellow friend Ving (retired marine). Brads life is shaken up when he gets news of his cousin ‘Jessica’ (his closest and dearest family member) disappearing without checking in with her father ‘Jack’ while she was on a treasure hunt for diamonds in Africa.
Life gets tough for Brad in mission for finding Jessica since the ‘Seleka Rebels’ are in charge or have a hold of most of the country.
Writer Scott Conrad has done a wonderful job of writing a fiction novel in such a captivating style that every word is well absorbed by the readers. The characters are so well described and portrayed that one can clearly visualize them. Each little detail is well described, like the jungles of Africa, the river and the living beings Brad and his fellow members come across in their mission.
I really loved this book, it kept my interest on the highest level till the last page. In spite of it being a fiction and all its characters being writers own imagination, it was so well plotted that every bit of it felt real.
The novel was short but full of interesting happenings of adventure, mystery and suspense.
I would love to dedicate this book to all the army, military, marine around the world and salute their courage in life. Its a must read and highly recommended to all esp. youngsters and adventure lovers.

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