His Magic Touch

Expertly crafted, beautiful and gory.

A unique take on the genre of paranormal romance ‘His Magic Touch’ is a compelling, worth while read with tense atmosphere, well descriptive plot and an engaging narration.

Upholding the chills and thrills, author Debby Grahl unfolds an appealing, breath-taking story of a witch Jared Dupre who is dragged into an age-old vendetta unknown to himself by a demonic foe- Adam Montief. Being the chosen one to avenge his ancestor’s death, Adam Montief weaves a complex plan to trap Jared by kidnapping his brother Phillippe. Unable to vanquish malevolent witch Adam after a tough swordplay Jared now finds himself at the threat of losing his lady-love Kendra O’Connell to a menacing enemy.

With distinctive cast of characters and engrossing settings of situations through intrinsic subplots and flash backs, author Debby Grahl imbues the genre of paranormal romance with fiction that is unpredictable with several interesting twists, making the ending the most anticipated and satisfying.

‘His Magic Touch’ is a 5 star read with solid entertainment which despite its revenge cliches manages to provide serviceable action and amusement that is sure to leave its marks on those who revel in the genre.

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