The Call of Auberone

Immaculate & rare, spiritual read in every sense of words. ‘The Call of Auberone’ is an absolutely unique book which relays author Jolene Kearney’s exquisite talent of channelizing spirit, when combined magnificently with Jason Tierney’s past life Regression therapy to deliver an extraordinary- vividly detailed settings entwined with intricate developed events from an imaginable another Read more about The Call of Auberone[…]

The Christ of India: The Story of Saint Thomas Christianity

The Christ of India: The Story of Saint Thomas Christianity Author Abbot George Burke weaves his research and knowledge expertly into his book ‘The Christ of India’ bringing out high quality content that highlights strong connection between Jesus and India. By tracing back the history of foundation laid by Apostle Saint Thomas, author enlightens the Read more about The Christ of India: The Story of Saint Thomas Christianity[…]

Heart of Stone (The Stone Series) (Volume 1)

Romance to resonate long after the last page has been turned. ‘Heart of Stone’ is exquisite tale of contemporary romance with endearing characters and intricate narrative by author Dakota Willink. ‘Krystina Cole’ is on her guard from a heart wrenching past, until Wally’s new investor- appealing and attractive ‘Alexander Stone’ sweeps her off her feet Read more about Heart of Stone (The Stone Series) (Volume 1)[…]

Day of Reckoning: A Lucas Wade Western – Book 3

Believable adventurous fiction. Building excitement in the riveting follow up to the ‘Lucas Wade Western Series’ author Raylan McCrae grabs his readers with brilliant western adventure at the finest level and with explicit narration that is packed with intense action and detailed imaging as Lawman Marshal Lucas Wade strives to restore law in Spencer, Wyoming Read more about Day of Reckoning: A Lucas Wade Western – Book 3[…]

In the Blood (The Witchbreed)

A powerful read that goes beyond expectation. Stirring the heat and unsettling the emotions ‘In the Blood’ is an ultimately charismatic epic fantasy of twin sisters- Ottilde Dominax and Oriabel Dominax as they fight life’s terrible adversities to save one another. With a fair cast of characters, author R. L. Martinez builds a unique world Read more about In the Blood (The Witchbreed)[…]

Mervyn vs. Dennis

Superbly crafted. Depicting a unique relationship of employer and employee through explicit plot that is both poignant and hilarious, author Niels Saunders will give his readers an engaging ride through life’s paradox situations. When Mervyn Kirby gets easy money making job of a video game tester, he attracts the attention of a racist- overpowering ‘bossy’ Read more about Mervyn vs. Dennis[…]

Tarquin Jenkins And The Book Of Dreams

Smartly crafted with freshness and fluidity. On a to and fro journey through time in past and future author Peter W. Ford takes his readers through thrilling yet wondrous adventures ventured by a teenage boy ‘Tarquin Jenkins’ who is on an outlook for book of dreams, through the clues left for him to discover by Read more about Tarquin Jenkins And The Book Of Dreams[…]

Yours, Anonymous

Deep, profound wisdom of human nature. ‘Yours, Anonymous’ is an impressive mystery thriller that is superbly crafted with a well thought out diction and intriguing style of narration necessary for the progression of the story giving an explicit insight into the complicated & complex world of teens. Author David Orr is a storyteller of the Read more about Yours, Anonymous[…]

Omari And The People

Grit and action amidst instability and uncertainty. ‘Omari And The People’ is a delightful, entertaining tale of a skilled, rich thief ‘Omari’, whose decision of starting a new life swept him off his own feet, making him a heroic leader fighting adversities for displaced people. Author Stephen Whitfield, uses his natural instincts of a capable Read more about Omari And The People[…]

Blood Seed

Impeccable read with multidimensional, mysterious entities. ‘Blood Seed’ is a powerful tale of survival, love, struggle and strength with immaculate imagination that is masterfully penned down with rich & exquisite descriptive prose and intricate narrative. A creepy darkness from Riftwoods has been engulfing Sheft’s freedom to happiness all his life since childhood, forcing him to Read more about Blood Seed[…]