Heart of Stone (The Stone Series) (Volume 1)


Romance to resonate long after the last page has been turned.

‘Heart of Stone’ is exquisite tale of contemporary romance with endearing characters and intricate narrative by author Dakota Willink.
‘Krystina Cole’ is on her guard from a heart wrenching past, until Wally’s new investor- appealing and attractive ‘Alexander Stone’ sweeps her off her feet with his piercing blue eyes in an accidental mishap, igniting flames of emotions, Krystina can’t resists.
Despite the obvious urgency in the pace of the story author Dakota Willink does not let herself lose the basic threads of romance and distills her imagination down to necessary progression of the book with a seductive material that possesses mastery over narration describing events artistically through an engaging and enchanting journey of characters. ‘Heart of Stone’ is an intriguing read in every sense of word, unfolding the plot with believable fiction and immaculate interplay between the characters that gives insight into flashback, justifying their current action.
Those looking for a story that is superbly crafted with life-like character ready to entertain in future, in the coming stone series, author Dakota Wellink’s contemporary romance is sure to resonate long after the last page has been turned. Highly recommended.

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