The Claiming of Callan

Made for each other! ‘The Claiming of Callan‘ is one of the most sensual, heartwarming novel by author Connie Lafortune, about two young, romantic, caring and die-hard lovers-Logan Black and Callan Avery. The book starts very smoothly with Logans telling readers his departure from Callan Avery ‘the love of his life’, not by choice but Read more about The Claiming of Callan[…]

Green Gooey Goop

The unavoidable Green Gooey Goop!!! ‘Green Gooey Goop’ is a short descriptive, colourful, rhyming book where writer Anna Morrison gets into a girl childs head and presents her disliked and imaginary world of hating healthy green veggie meals served by her mom in no-matter-any-form be it soups, salads or sandwiches, the poor little girl is Read more about Green Gooey Goop[…]