The Claiming of Callan


Made for each other!

‘The Claiming of Callan‘ is one of the most sensual, heartwarming novel by author Connie Lafortune, about two young, romantic, caring and die-hard lovers-Logan Black and Callan Avery.
The book starts very smoothly with Logans telling readers his departure from Callan Avery ‘the love of his life’, not by choice but by faith and destiny but turning of every page unfolds the novel into a very interesting book taking its readers by all senses.
I must say the book is beautifully woven with breath taking moments and emotions of anger,sorrow, loss and love making between its characters. As for the author, i want to simply say that Connie Lafortune is my favourite writer for writing a romantic genre, since she has an amazing talent of converting the most simple love story into an amazingly interesting read and giving readers a best companion for a perfect vacation or relaxation.
I do not want to give away much by saying too much about the story but i am sure readers will never regret their choice of picking this book and connecting with its characters like as they were a reality and not fiction.Those who are not good readers i promise this book will make a perfect gift for valentines day for their valentine.
I would recommend this book for all and esp. to mature loving couples or readers who want to present a perfect gift to anyone for this romantic month of february. Its definitely a must read!!

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