Protostar: An Epic Space Adventure Series (The Star-Crossed Saga)

A lively compulsive read.

Deftly paced and skillfully controlled, the twisty plot of ‘The Star Crossed Saga’ is a cleverly constructed puzzle of intrigue and deceit.

With laudable blend of romance, emotions and struggle of survival and duties, author Braxton A. Cosby narrates an utterly absorbing YA scifi saga that brings forward Prince William of planet Ontarium to Earth on a mission to destroy the star child- Sydney. Determined to bring honor to Torrian Alliance and restore peace back home, Prince William is brutally torn between duty towards family, home and the love attraction he feels for Sydney.

Immaculately embedded in the sumptuous volume of adventure and emotions, that is well written and provocative, author Braxton A. Cosby keeps the fiction lively with many other secondary believable character. Destined to capture imaginations, immersive and intriguing enough to engage even the reluctant readers ‘Protostar: An Epic Space Adventure Series (The Star Crossed Saga)’ is an enjoyable coming of age scifi that dives deeper into characters and their commitments with a promise of re-energizing tropes in space adventures.

This 5 star lively, compulsive read is highly recommended to all and esp. to the fans of the genre.

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