Hyperfleet The Path To Valor (The Hyperfleet Saga) (Volume 1)

A well imagined, action packed sci-fi! ‘Hyperfleet The Path To Valor’ by Lance Williams is simply a well plotted sci-fi novel with wonderful and strong characters like Admiral Jendarm, Captain Hevlar, General Yavir, Commander Teize and many members of Hyperfleet who are to take readers to a journey of establishment of a new empire which Read more about Hyperfleet The Path To Valor (The Hyperfleet Saga) (Volume 1)[…]

The Bodies Were Burned (Bodies Everywhere Series Book 2)

A perfect blend: suspense, romance & murder mystery! ‘The Bodies Were Burned’ by Barbara A Martin is an amazing book in the genre of murder mystery which starts with a wonderful strong headed, bold and enthusiastic lady Marge Hampton who is an administrator in a hospital in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Mountain Springs, staying with her Read more about The Bodies Were Burned (Bodies Everywhere Series Book 2)[…]

The Children With The Sky In Their Eyes (Amethyst Book 1)

No ‘war’ can bring ‘peace’! ‘The Children With The Sky In Their Eyes’ by Jan Ferrierr is a very touching novel based on two innocent children Hinto ( boy) and Amaryllis (girl) whose father ‘The Lord Charles’ or King william as known by his people is the king of ‘The Lands of the Sands’ has Read more about The Children With The Sky In Their Eyes (Amethyst Book 1)[…]

Watcher in the Fall: Evolutions

End of the cliff- hanger! ‘Watchers in the Fall: Evolution’ is the third book in the series of ‘Watchers in the Fall’ by Ron Townsen. An interesting and entertaining ‘cliff-hanger’ which was maintained in the previous two volumes comes to an end in this novel carrying further some of its main characters from book 2 Read more about Watcher in the Fall: Evolutions[…]

The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest

Engaging, entertaining and inspiring read! ‘The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest by Donna Friess is simply a wonderful, heart warming and heart touching novel about a lady Shelby Forrest 53, who is an amazing wife, a mother and a grandmother herself and is living her ‘perfect family life’ peacefully until one day a phone call turns Read more about The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest[…]

Watcher In The Fall: Conversions

From connections..to conversions.. ‘Watchers in The Fall: Conversions’ by Ron Townsen is the second book in the series of ‘Watcher in The Fall”. My honest suggestions about Watchers in The Fall: Conversions to the readers would be to go through the first book of this series i,e Watchers in The fall: Connections as of course Read more about Watcher In The Fall: Conversions[…]

Watcher in the Fall: Connections

Fiction close to reality.. ‘Watcher in the Fall: Connections’ by Ron Townsen is an amazing work of sci-fi genre . Writer Ron Townsen has made up his novel binding, several realistic story plots like advance alien race in universe, special US forces and mafias of Russia and China, all making one big and interestingly captivating Read more about Watcher in the Fall: Connections[…]

“The Golden Age”

Depth of life! ‘The Golden Age’ by Arthur F. Temple is a wonderful book which is sure to be treasured by its readers. The book is studded with the gems of many philosophical topics under three chapters, chapter 1 like ‘The golden dragon’,We are the stars’, ‘King of your destiny’ etc and chapter 2 has Read more about “The Golden Age”[…]

The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series

The Magical world of Miranda ‘The Dream Walker’ by Michelle Murray is one of the finest and captivating fairy tale one can come across, it is a perfect weave of magic, fantasy, dragons, mystery, adventure, kingdom and wizards. The novel turns very interesting from the very first page when the story paces slowly to the Read more about The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series[…]