“The Golden Age”


Depth of life!

‘The Golden Age’ by Arthur F. Temple is a wonderful book which is sure to be treasured by its readers.
The book is studded with the gems of many philosophical topics under three chapters, chapter 1 like ‘The golden dragon’,We are the stars’, ‘King of your destiny’ etc and chapter 2 has ‘ Divine observations’, ‘Blossoming universal race’, ‘The tree that ceased to exist’ and several more under chapter 3 based on the reality and depth of life (past and present).
As for the author of The Golden Age ‘Arthur F. Temple’ is definitely the king of his field, his writing shows his deep and intense knowledge about life and its concepts which he has poured in his book in simplified and poetic ways and ideas making truth of life an enjoyable and inspirational read. After reading about the author, i learned that though he has faced many harsh realities and health issues in his past , he never let the negativity stop him from living life to the fullest and acquiring knowledge from anyone and any culture possible. He is a sure fighter and survivor of life and is an inspiration for today’s young generation. Though writer Arthur F. Temples some poems are very short as to four to five lines but when read contain depth and meaning of a life well lived. I feel this book justifies the proverb’ A word is sufficient to the wise’.This book is surely for mature readers and knowledge seekers.
I highly recommend ‘The Golden Age‘ to all those interested in poems and short reads filled with abundance of knowledge. If this book is included in school syllabus, im sure young minds are to benefit a lot from this talented writer. Its an excellent and enlightening read!

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