The Lion Trees

A series that leaves readers wishing for more. Moving along gradually with extraneous subplots and detours, ‘The Lion Trees’ is a well plotted 5 star anthology that captures the essence of experiences and visions well knit with complex characters of John and his family. With an uproarious wit and breezy conversations, author Owen Thomas skillfully Read more about The Lion Trees[…]

The Altar Boy

Honest, believable and relentlessly gripping. A fascinating historical backdrop with an authentic period feel that manages to enliven and enhance a rambunctious era of 1960’s governed by the power of catholic church, ‘The Altar Boy’ is a fictionalized memoir of a young compelling character of a boy -Carl Sanders. Author Phil Stephen capably sketches a Read more about The Altar Boy[…]

Mervyn vs. Dennis

Superbly crafted. Depicting a unique relationship of employer and employee through explicit plot that is both poignant and hilarious, author Niels Saunders will give his readers an engaging ride through life’s paradox situations. When Mervyn Kirby gets easy money making job of a video game tester, he attracts the attention of a racist- overpowering ‘bossy’ Read more about Mervyn vs. Dennis[…]

Evelyn Dunbar and other comedies: Five One Woman Plays

Captivating comedies through monologue conversation. ‘Evelyn Dunbar and other comedies’ is an enthralling collection of five thought provoking, compelling and intriguing plays conveyed and put across in monologue form of speech by author Josie Peterson. With the mastery over language and its nuances author Josie Peterson takes her readers through the journey of her characters Read more about Evelyn Dunbar and other comedies: Five One Woman Plays[…]

The Crowd and the Merrimack

Fond memories through dark paths. Author Bryce Ian is sure to bring back some fond, cherishing memories of school days for his readers. ‘The Crowd and the Merrimack’ turns from light-hearted read into a suspenseful dark tale with a twist as the narration goes down further with the life of our teenage high school student Read more about The Crowd and the Merrimack[…]