Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)

Pleasingly original contribution to the dark fantasy genre. ‘Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)’ is an entertaining urban fantasy thriller with rich & beautiful world building, ancient tales of mystical entities and monstrous threats. When Trickster Gods seek help from their most malicious and feared member Spider- Jamie and her teammates are the chosen Read more about Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)[…]

Turtle Island

Sense of humor embedded into proactive imagery. ‘Turtle Island’ is a multilayered modern day scifi-comedy that is sure to elicit giggles through its snappy dialog, intriguing narrative and unpredictable romp of lovable characters. Abduction of Masters family by equivalents to an alternate portal through Ted Williams tunnel lands them to Turtle Island- a realm that Read more about Turtle Island[…]

Lost Universe I

An enjoyable, eloquent romp through universe. ‘Lost Universe 1’ is an entertaining sci-fi with rich astronomical overtones embedded into an utterly engrossing and adventurous journey to find the end of the universe. A team of 4 remaining special crew members navigate through the complexities of the dark corners of universe and explore the mysterious existence Read more about Lost Universe I[…]

Thou Shall Not Take Our Land: Volume 1: It Begins (The John Argyle Series)

An absorbing first installment. ‘Thou Shall Not Take Our Land Vol 1: It Begins’ is a wise, action oriented coming of age intriguing political fiction that showcases how people are shaped by their losses. Stirring the heat and unsettling the emotions, author James Dick’s novel is plotted in the near future of 2033 in Alachua Read more about Thou Shall Not Take Our Land: Volume 1: It Begins (The John Argyle Series)[…]

Murder in Wizard’s Wood (Bittergate Book 1)

Sure to sharpen readers appetite for the next installment. ‘Murder in Wizard’s Wood‘ is an absorbing fresh, original modern day epic fantasy series starter bolstered by dynamic mystical characters and creatures which are destined to capture imagination through an engrossing adventure with an affable appeal. For centuries Jedediah Shine- a wizard has been a guardian Read more about Murder in Wizard’s Wood (Bittergate Book 1)[…]