Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)

Pleasingly original contribution to the dark fantasy genre.

‘Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)’ is an entertaining urban fantasy thriller with rich & beautiful world building, ancient tales of mystical entities and monstrous threats.

When Trickster Gods seek help from their most malicious and feared member Spider- Jamie and her teammates are the chosen ones known to be special. To win the war against the Queens army of order and free the world from her control Jamie and her teammates are yet to learn what makes them special and chosen one as fate brimming with passion and peril awaits their discovery.

Intricate fascinating details powered by breathtaking narrative and believable charismatic characters displays author Daniel Hansen’s mastery over storytelling that is both compelling and captivating. The complexity of the folklore and its thrilling twists is bogged down with crisp, fast moving plot. Those looking for dark fantasy with diversity may find themselves bewitched and engaged on many levels.

‘Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)’ is a pleasingly original contribution to the urban fantasy genre that tackles and sharpens fans appetite for the next installment. Highly recommended.


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