File A Proper Claim

Different but captivatingly interesting novel!! ‘File A Proper Claim’ by M. Garnet is an interesting novel based on the genre of science – fiction. Writer M. Garnet has a very well imagined story line where a well trained and well experience young female archaeologist Dr. Norris ‘Patty’ is sent along with a group of some Read more about File A Proper Claim[…]


Relation or Profession? ‘Agency’ by Roy Station is a perfect short novel with an interesting and captivating storyline where two young lovers ‘Paul’ and ‘Julie’ are committed couples and are dedicated to each other inspite of financial rises, both are struggling to keep their employment agency running during the period of recession since they are Read more about Agency[…]


Evils of History-a true eye opener! ‘The Sum Of His Worth’ is a wonderful novel by author Ron Argo where the writer has brought up the evil practices followed in the history of Albama in 1960s giving rise to racism and inequality which was extremely inhumane. Ron Argo showed his readers the Albama of the Read more about THE SUM OF HIS WORTH[…]

Sir Princess Petra (Pen Pieyu Adventures)

‘Determination is the key to success’ ‘Sir Princess Petra’ by Diane Robinson is an interesting tale about a courageous and bold Princess Petra of Kingdom on Pen Pieyu who demands to become a knight, her wish is granted since she can ask for whatever gift she wishes for, for her ninth birthday but since she Read more about Sir Princess Petra (Pen Pieyu Adventures)[…]