Sir Princess Petra (Pen Pieyu Adventures)


‘Determination is the key to success’

‘Sir Princess Petra’ by Diane Robinson is an interesting tale about a courageous and bold Princess Petra of Kingdom on Pen Pieyu who demands to become a knight, her wish is granted since she can ask for whatever gift she wishes for, for her ninth birthday but since she is a girl and princess her parents( king and queen) are hesitant of her decision and consult the royal book according to which princess Petra can become a royal knight but only after performing one of the three acts of bravery. Now our young and bold Princess Petra sets off to her journey of proving herself worthy of becoming a royal knight.
The book has a very captivating storyline with a humorous touch which will have its little readers giggling and laughing at times. Writer Diane Robinson has beautifully introduced some friends in Princess Petras journey to her goal which makes this tale an interesting read.
‘Sir Princess Petra’ can be read to kids as a bedtime story with wonderful moral of courage, adventure, determination and friendship.
I would highly recommend this little book for all kids from age 3 to 10. I am sure Princess Petra will make a perfect inspirational friend to all little readers! Its a must read!!

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