White Witch Where Art Thou? (Haven Book 1)

Well imagined fantasy-The haven series. Author Nikki Albert is sure to take her readers on an adventurous journey of mesmerizing fantasy and mystical creatures by giving a whole new dimension to the heights of imagination when ‘Reylien’ a half demon and half fae breed comfortably serves as the ambassador to the queen of Faerie of Read more about White Witch Where Art Thou? (Haven Book 1)[…]

Alchemist Gift

‘Alchemist Gift’ is a true ‘gift’ for novel lovers ‘Alchemist Gift’ by author Mark Giglio takes his readers on a hooking adventure through the times back in Medieval period of Italy during the Renaissance with a strong, captivating story line where we’ll get to meet an absorbing character of 28 year old Roland Huges who Read more about Alchemist Gift[…]

The House Guest: Persuasions, Perspectives & Prejudices

A treasured, soothing read!! ‘The House Guest’ by author Deborah L. Norris is a wonderfully soothing and very expressive novel set in the times of 1950s based on the conversations, events, discussions and gossips by the guests taken place on and around the kitchen table of a grand Victorian manor-turned guest house owned by a Read more about The House Guest: Persuasions, Perspectives & Prejudices[…]