Bound By Time


A casting spell- Bound by Time.

‘Bound By Time’ by author Sherrie Weynand is simply one of the most flawless, captivating romance -fiction which is sure to cast a spell over its readers while taking them on the life journey of ‘Meara Wallace’- a naturally beautiful women with red curly locks and emerald green eyes and a very successful owner of ‘Meara Wallace Designs’ but the secret behind Meara’s past, a life before this life is continuously puzzling Meara since childhood with dreams where she often sees herself with an extremely handsome life mate of past. When Jonathan meets Meara regarding a business proposal, Meara’s world turns Topsy- turvy giving life to her dreams.
Author Sherrie Weynand has done a wonderful job of weaving a perfect story line with strong appealing life-like characters. Each chapter of the book flows smoothly like water giving an amazing experience to readers like watching an entertaining romantic movie.
‘Bound By Time’ has all qualities of a perfect, good read sure to keep its readers engaged for hours. Last but not the least there’s lots to discover about Meara and Jonathan’s vows and swears of love in the world of past and present so don’t hesitate to lay your hands on this perfect novel and bound yourself to ‘Bound By Time’.
Highly recommended to all and esp. to people interested in the genre of love and romance!

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