Crash Lane News

A treasurable guide book for travelers. Equipped with knowledge, motivation, inspiration and guidance, ‘Crash Lane News’ is a perfect guide book or rather a self help book for travelers to be included in their plan of travelling safety & security. Answering the ‘How, What and When’, this read is an alternative source of accident news Read more about Crash Lane News[…]

A Devil of a Time

Historical romance twisted with mystery. ‘A Devil of a Time’ is a spellbinding historical fiction set in the times of 1700s towards the end of the revolutionary war in the colonial America where love struggles at the dark hands of mystery bringing out three most appealing and distinguished characters- Captain Niall McLane, Andrew- a drunkard Read more about A Devil of a Time[…]

A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2)

Tale of devotion to duty. ‘A Question of Power (Book 2)’– The Fire Chronicles by author Susi Wright is a gripping read which justifies the need to read the book 1 of The Fire Chronicles series for those who have missed an amazing story plot forming the very base of this series. The appealing hero Read more about A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2)[…]

Sir Princess Petra’s Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures, book 3)

Insight into the unique fantasy world of a brave little girl. Our little bold knight- Princess Petra of the Pen Pieyu Kingdom is back on her path of exciting, fascinating yet thrilling new adventure thrown in her way by her father ‘The King of Pen Pieyu’, who has tasked and challenged Petra’s knighthood by giving Read more about Sir Princess Petra’s Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures, book 3)[…]

The Raven’s Daughter

Crime thriller full of mysteries, enigmas & a little bit of romance. ‘The Raven’s Daughter’ is a fast paced read, full of mysteries, enigmas and a little bit of romance that whisks the readers immediately into a highly imaginative and gripping thriller with an ever engaging plot, full of fresh twists and turns. Retired criminologist Read more about The Raven’s Daughter[…]

The Gun (The Tadhg Sullivan Series, book 1)

Join the characters on their thrilling quest. Fiction becomes believable and fascinating in this poignant read as author Daithi Kavanagh takes us through the story of a shooter, whose hatred for corrupt politics in the government of Ireland has forced him to shoot politicians he holds responsible for the suffering of the people of the Read more about The Gun (The Tadhg Sullivan Series, book 1)[…]

Escaping the Prince (Bedlam in Brandydook Book 1)

Fascinating Pixie tale Author Lorraine O’ Byrne in her amazing fantasy novel ‘Escaping the Prince’ manages to put together all that one needs in a book, with cute lovable characters and enchanting plot and once the reader is lured into the book there is absolutely no way out. ‘Escaping the Prince’ will take kids and Read more about Escaping the Prince (Bedlam in Brandydook Book 1)[…]