A Devil of a Time


Historical romance twisted with mystery.

‘A Devil of a Time’ is a spellbinding historical fiction set in the times of 1700s towards the end of the revolutionary war in the colonial America where love struggles at the dark hands of mystery bringing out three most appealing and distinguished characters- Captain Niall McLane, Andrew- a drunkard and Clarice Wade wife of Andrew and love of Niall. As the tale unfolds with perfect balance of pace and authentic details, a mysterious murderer suffocates Captain Niall throwing him in the place of a prime suspect due to his reputation of the past and challenging Niall with the task to save the ones he admires the most.
Author Gretchen Jeannette is definitely a talented writer who possesses the capability to draw in her readers with her very fluent, engaging prose and style of narration with well researched work based on history, during the era of 1700s. Weave of facts with fiction carves a perfect masterpiece in the genre of historical fiction making ‘A Devil of a Time’ a treasured and worthy read. Those looking for a classical historical romance twisted with mystery, author Gretchen’s ‘A Devil of a Time’ is sure to meet their expectations. Highly recommended for the lovers of historical fiction.

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