A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2)


Tale of devotion to duty.

‘A Question of Power (Book 2)’– The Fire Chronicles by author Susi Wright is a gripping read which justifies the need to read the book 1 of The Fire Chronicles series for those who have missed an amazing story plot forming the very base of this series. The appealing hero from the book 1, leader of the Gaian race ‘Luminor’ is back with his very effective personality and captivating deeds. Luminor being the elected governor of Baram, appoints the most trustworthy warrior of his clan- ‘Xandor’ for a quest of finding and protecting the lost Gaians on the other lands.
Author Susi Wright thoughtfully brings out a unique tale of devotion for duty and responsibility through her fictional, supernatural characters fighting for their birth right and winning over the evil, hungry for power. ‘A Question of Power’ is a fast read with the capability of hooking readers from the very first page and talking them through a highly imaginative and fanciful land of unique creatures and characters. Weaving an intricate tale out of fiction, author Susi Wright’s novel is worthy of being treasured by any reader who is always on a search for a strong story line with headstrong characters. Highly recommended.

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