Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn

A solid piece of eloquent, thrilling sci-fi. ‘Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn’ is an amusing sci-fi with a new plot twist around every corner that unfolds a mystery embodied powerfully in the lives of two teenagers -Hannah and Taylor. An amusing school holiday exercise turns into relentless enigma for Hannah and Taylor after their classmate Read more about Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn[…]

Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure

Contemporary fiction- character driven family sage. ‘Sons of Taldra’ is an exquisite, thoughtful exploration of the ties that bind the fluidity of life, relationships and survival as author Duane Simolke’s charming trio- Taldra and her sons- Telius and Argen battle for the fate of Valchondria against the shape shifting aliens. The intriguing adventure of Valchondria Read more about Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure[…]

Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie (Vamp Empire Book 1)

An absorbing 1st installment. ‘Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie’ is an erotic fantasy with tender and compelling narration that flips between characters of Cain and Cassie reveling an entertaining caper fiction. With passion for fictional characters of vampires and their romances, Cassie unravels a completely new dimension to the life of vampires, that is a Read more about Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie (Vamp Empire Book 1)[…]

The Relationship Game: Gems from my journey

Firmly planted in everyday reality of life. ‘The Relationship Game’ is an exquisite, thoughtful exploration of the complexities of relationships, sexuality and self acceptance through a manner that is amusing and sure to evoke inspiration. Graceful and compassionately written, author’s passion for helping those who are single and need guidance is evident through the power Read more about The Relationship Game: Gems from my journey[…]

Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga Book 1)

Poignant yet enchanting journey of a young boy. Embedded in the world of grit and action amidst corruption and greed ‘Crown of Delusion’ is an epic fantasy read in every sense of word with perfectly paced authentic details and believable cast of characters. King ‘Vicar Hamens’ brutal assassination by his most trustworthy knight Amar turns Read more about Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga Book 1)[…]

Millie’s Angel

A graceful work of undeniable potential. Testing the boundaries between Love, obsession and identity ‘Millie’s Angel’ is a heartfelt piece of writing with substance that paints vivid pictures of Millie’s poignant yet triumphant journey through life. Witnessing the deteriorating relationship of her parents followed by the responsibility of showering love and care towards younger brother Read more about Millie’s Angel[…]

The Darziods’ Stone

A marvelous journey worth taking. Intriguing enough to engage even reluctant readers ‘The Darziods’ Stone’ is an entertaining caper fiction and coming of age fantasy adventure that showcases believable camaraderie of five teenage friends who embark on an unexpected discovery after their trip to Tredock cove in Cornwall. The undercurrents of mystery, excitement and fear Read more about The Darziods’ Stone[…]