Millie’s Angel

A graceful work of undeniable potential.

Testing the boundaries between Love, obsession and identity ‘Millie’s Angel’ is a heartfelt piece of writing with substance that paints vivid pictures of Millie’s poignant yet triumphant journey through life. Witnessing the deteriorating relationship of her parents followed by the responsibility of showering love and care towards younger brother Ace, after being abandoned by mother, Millie discovers profound exploration of life and love that tempers harsh realities with the beauty of hope in a way which is both deeply moving and satisfying.

Managing to Evoke emotional attachment for each of her characters author Kim Petersen is very impressive with her evocative prose. The flashbacks were well placed throughout the main story to heighten the mystery of the main plot. It was refreshing to notice headstrong female characters in the novel- struggle, grow and fight adversities of life and claim their own destiny. ‘Millie’s Angel’ is a graceful work of undeniable potential that was both entertaining yet heartwarming with rich – mesmerizing narrative. Those looking for a dramatic fantasy with  believable fiction, author Kim Petersen’s novel is sure to put an end to their search. Highly Recommended.

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