Future Memories: Time Travel University Book 2

Indulge in the adventure of perfect Sci-fi, Author Tedric Garrison’s creativeness is just amazing and beyond expectation as he continues to place his characters new and old into situations intriguing enough to keep his readers interested and engaged through his sequel ‘Time Rescue:Time Travel University Book 1’ Weaving a strong, full of fresh twists, surprises Read more about Future Memories: Time Travel University Book 2[…]

The Devil Take Tomorrow

Engaging read that deserves time of every reader! The harsh and heart warming picture of historical reality of American Revolution was skillfully woven into a fictional read by author Gretchen Jeannette to give her readers an insight into the impressive work of research through ‘The Devil Take Tomorrow’ where a very lifelike believable continental soldier Read more about The Devil Take Tomorrow[…]

Out of the Storm

Believable characters & strong storyline- worth one’s time. A mix of bone chilling crime with moments of mesmerizing steamy romance ‘Out of the Storm’ is a thoroughly entertaining work of creativity with intriguing narration from author Carol Ashe that revolves around a workaholic detective Isabelle Carte or ‘Isa’ who is placed by destiny into the Read more about Out of the Storm[…]

The Clown Prince of Paris

Roller-coaster ride of danger and humour. Author James Dudley skillfully plots a humorous yet full-of-puzzles-to-solve thriller based in the year 1954 in Paris. Moving at a breakneck pace with captivating narration ‘The Clown Prince of Paris’ unfolds intriguingly into a believable read with true political events thoughtfully entwined with the fascinating life story of an Read more about The Clown Prince of Paris[…]

A STRANGE WORLD : A Novel (Book 2 of The Byron Series)

Aristocratic era brought vividly to life. ‘A Strange World’ – Book 2 continues strong and engulfing from the first in The Byron Series as author Gretta Browne takes her readers further with the life journey of ‘Britain’s first superstar’ George Gordon Lord Byron, building intriguing excitement in this riveting follow up with brilliant narration. Lord Read more about A STRANGE WORLD : A Novel (Book 2 of The Byron Series)[…]

Man Up: The Revolution

Inspiring read towards the pathway to God ‘Man Up: The Revolution’ by author Terrance Gibson is a book based on Christian faith written in a very simple, easy to understand language, which unfolds itself from the very basic information into a very inspiring, knowledgeable guidebook which can be very useful to oneself and to answer Read more about Man Up: The Revolution[…]

Take on Aging as a Sport: The Athletic Approach to Aging

Amazing book full of Positivity! Enlightening her readers on the very sensitive and dense subject of ‘aging’, former All American Volleyball player for UCLA & author Sharkie Zartman uses her knowledge of athletics aptly. ‘Take on Aging as a Sport’ is a very knowledgeable and step by step motivational approach on the topic of aging Read more about Take on Aging as a Sport: The Athletic Approach to Aging[…]

The Count Of Baldpate

Engrossing and believable fiction. ‘The Count Of Baldpate’ by author Sherrie Todd Beshore is a perfect blend of well plotted suspense thriller with an intriguing narrative packed with palpable trepidation seeping out from every chapter at the turn of every page as the story unfolds. An old business card belonging to history professor Hank Rule Read more about The Count Of Baldpate[…]