A STRANGE WORLD : A Novel (Book 2 of The Byron Series)


Aristocratic era brought vividly to life.

‘A Strange World’ – Book 2 continues strong and engulfing from the first in The Byron Series as author Gretta Browne takes her readers further with the life journey of ‘Britain’s first superstar’ George Gordon Lord Byron, building intriguing excitement in this riveting follow up with brilliant narration.
Lord Byron’s Publication of Childe Harold Pilgrimage makes him the most admired Man by women around Britain and a erotomanic obsession for Lady Caroline Lamb of upper class.
Author Gretta Browne weaves her research and wealth of knowledge expertly into an impressive read that has a perfect balance of romance skillfully embedded into Historical events that doesn’t bog down like history lessons but stirs the heat and unsettle the emotions emerging from the aristocrats era brought vividly to life.
While it is preferable that one should read Book 1 ‘A Strange Beginning’ first from the Byron series, ‘A Strange World’ is Impactful enough to stand alone on its own and lure one to the powerful personality of Lord Byron.
Definitely The Byron Series book 2 ‘A Strange World’ is a perfect addition to the collection of any historical biography lover and comes as a highly recommended read enriched with knowledge and emotions.

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