The Relationship Game: Gems from my journey

Firmly planted in everyday reality of life. ‘The Relationship Game’ is an exquisite, thoughtful exploration of the complexities of relationships, sexuality and self acceptance through a manner that is amusing and sure to evoke inspiration. Graceful and compassionately written, author’s passion for helping those who are single and need guidance is evident through the power Read more about The Relationship Game: Gems from my journey[…]

Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3

Divine thoughts worth respect and attention. Rare of its kind- ‘Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Volume 3’ is a compelling, unique and rather magnificent read with spiritual soul embedded in each word. With mastery over language and its nuances, author Ivan A. Pozo gives his readers an incomparable, matchless and highly imagined Read more about Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3[…]

In This Moment: Angels’ Sweet Reflections

About the Book These inspirational/spiritual quotes about love, peace, hope, joy, encouragement, spirituality and universal messages were channeled to Brenda Rachel by the angels so that she could share words of support, guidance, motivation, and inspiration with you. Brenda Rachel became a messenger for the angels when she was on disability and unable to walk Read more about In This Moment: Angels’ Sweet Reflections[…]

Going Numb

A true inspiration! ‘Going Numb’ by Jim Hirtle is a heart touching novel based on the real life journey of author Jim’s wife ‘Addison’ whose life was totally changed due to the addiction of continuous consumption of a painkiller drug, effecting her career and lives if those, connected to her. Author Jim Hirtle has used Read more about Going Numb[…]

“The Golden Age”

Depth of life! ‘The Golden Age’ by Arthur F. Temple is a wonderful book which is sure to be treasured by its readers. The book is studded with the gems of many philosophical topics under three chapters, chapter 1 like ‘The golden dragon’,We are the stars’, ‘King of your destiny’ etc and chapter 2 has Read more about “The Golden Age”[…]

Green Gooey Goop

The unavoidable Green Gooey Goop!!! ‘Green Gooey Goop’ is a short descriptive, colourful, rhyming book where writer Anna Morrison gets into a girl childs head and presents her disliked and imaginary world of hating healthy green veggie meals served by her mom in no-matter-any-form be it soups, salads or sandwiches, the poor little girl is Read more about Green Gooey Goop[…]

Alice Doesn’t Live in the Mirror

Full of knowledge and a confidence booster!! ‘Alice Doesn’t Live in the Mirror’ by Rich D.Rios Jr. Is a true eye opener and a confidence booster for women of all ages esp. Teenagers. The writer has taken his main character ‘Alice’ from the children fantasy story book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to describe the impact of Read more about Alice Doesn’t Live in the Mirror[…]