Alice Doesn’t Live in the Mirror


Full of knowledge and a confidence booster!!

‘Alice Doesn’t Live in the Mirror’ by Rich D.Rios Jr. Is a true eye opener and a confidence booster for women of all ages esp. Teenagers. The writer has taken his main character ‘Alice’ from the children fantasy story book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to describe the impact of a fake, so called ‘ideal women’ to be reflected on up growing girls by their family, media, peers and co workers.
Author Richard. D. Rios Jr. Has wonderfully helped women and teenage girls by his book to overcome the false stereotypes that keep them from being the real wonderful themselves, who they are and the way they all are special in their own ways in contributing to their family and friends.
The book is full of reality, based on knowledge and information taken from different natural and scientific studies based on the views of ‘chakra expert and energy practitioners gemstone expert, Chinese medicine, herbal and wellness expert’, relating the myths and facts of healthy human body, mind and soul.
This book is not a fiction read in fact it is a true guide and friend to all up growing girls and women who are misguided by the society. I would highly recommend this knowledgeable read to all the lovely women,friends and growing teenage girls. Remember we all are different and special in our own little ways, so never fake it instead always respect yourself and discover your inner potentials. Definitely A must read!!

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