Sniper Missions – The Business of War and the War of Business or J’accuse… Encore une fois!


A war of conscious!

‘Sniper Missions’ is an amazing work of fiction based on military missions of war carried out by a soldier and the situations faced by him.
The book is divided in three stories, making the book very interesting with more than one ending.
The author Sergeant Radar Zero One has so well narrated the situations of war through the character of soldier that the one who reads the story feels he or she is watching a movie. Each little fact and details are very well described creating a very clear imaginary plot of situations faced by the soldier.
The war fields, names of characters and even arms used by soldiers give the readers a very realistic image and feel.
Author Sergeant Radar One Zero has taken full advantage of electronic built in multimedia and internet access. The third story has musical playlist which makes the book stand out from the rest, giving it a very different and an understanding experience.
The characters are well absorbing and are sure to catch the interest of readers from an army background or those with interest in war and politics. I will recommend it all…it’s a must read!

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