A Letter To My Son : A novel


‘A heart touching read’

A Letter To My Son by Robert Geoffrey is extremely touching and heart warming novel about a man Tom who is in his sixties and has a very painful past where he lost his wife Christine and his son Andy in a car accident fifteen years ago. Tom lives in a cottage at the top of a meadow with his dog Monty.
Tom follows a very relaxing daily routine with Monty, where both of them go for a walk in the woods daily, enjoy the nature and do what ever they want to do until one day Tom comes across a young stranger ‘Williams’ during his walk. They slowly connect to each other emotionally and the novel brings to its readers the sad and painful emotion of Tom for the loss of his loved ones.
I could not put the book down until i fully read it! Author Robert Geoffrey has done a wonderful job of creating such realistic characters which are so absorbing and can make all readers connect emotionally.
The scenic beauty of woods, the meadow and the river were so descriptive that one can really feel the freshness of nature as if physically present there by the side of characters themselves.
I really felt very sad and sympathetic for Tom for losing his wife and son.At times when Tom spoke to Williams about the things he wanted to share with Andy, it created lumps in my throat.
The novel is short but with a very realistic story line filled with pain, sorrow and regrets.
I really enjoyed this book since it was written with very natural touch of emotions of life and did not drag unnecessarily.
I highly recommend this book to all and esp. to those who have lost their loved ones in any tragedy and also to those all wonderful people in our lives who deserve our love and care, and are in some way or other very important part of our lives. Its a must read!

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