Fool’s Quest (The Tales of Menel Fenn Book 2)


a voyage of fantasy!!

Fool’s Quest is a wonderfully imagined fantasy novel by K.D Nielson. The book revolves around the main character Berndan d’ Arey who leads some men in an adventurous voyage through the Ship named ‘Fool’s Quest’.
Author K.D Nielson has very well captivated his reader by making the novel more interesting By adding a touch of intensity, courage,pain ,magic, and adventure, giving his characters a very realistic description and feel. The characters are so strong and absorbing that readers face all the huddles and situation challenging the whirlpool which has been the cause of destruction for many other ships.
The novel has everything of a great fantasy, a well plotted and strong story line, where the author has used amazing imagination.
I would love to see this book made into a great fantasy TV series.
I would highly recommend this book to readers of all age group and esp. to those with a passion for magical fantasy genre. ‘Fool’s Quest’ ultimately makes a perfect companion and read for a relaxing vacation.A must read!!

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