Missing Him: A real love story

A uniformly entertaining read. ‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ is an intelligent and entertaining blend of an intriguing mystery neatly woven into a delightful, absorbing tale of a young girl with a flawed character. Author L. Penn masterfully draws out the suspense by revealing the underlying truth of Emery Pearson’s life by flipping chapters Read more about Missing Him: A real love story[…]

Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie (Vamp Empire Book 1)

An absorbing 1st installment. ‘Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie’ is an erotic fantasy with tender and compelling narration that flips between characters of Cain and Cassie reveling an entertaining caper fiction. With passion for fictional characters of vampires and their romances, Cassie unravels a completely new dimension to the life of vampires, that is a Read more about Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie (Vamp Empire Book 1)[…]

My name is Bloody Mary

A wise, thought provoking coming of age story. Tense and dramatic ‘My name is Bloody Mary’ is an erotica, a triumphant story of a young alcoholic Giorgia and her up hill climb to achieve sobriety against alcoholic addiction. Alcoholic Anonymous Group at the local hospital is the only solution to Giorgia’s addiction as thought by Read more about My name is Bloody Mary[…]