The Rules Series


Bound by rules!

Living all her life by a list of rules set by her parents, Aurora Stone has always lived by the expectation of others but rules are meant to be broken or changed for someone special! When Aurora Spots handsome ‘Landon’ at the bar, she is sure that she’ll go beyond anything for a relation with him but venturing into a relationship with Landon will bring its own flaws and give Aurora a second thought- are rules worth breaking?
Author Hanleigh in his amazing romance novel, ‘The Rules Series’ manages to put together all that you want in a book with lovable characters and enchanting plot, moving at a fast spellbinding pace, combined with a writing style that provides vivid pictures of the characters and setting without being overly tedious.
Author Hanleigh is a truly gifted writer, who weaves a romantic story that is at once captivating, full of surprise and colorful- with detailed descriptions that serves to fully engage the reader and keep them at the edge of their seats.
An excellent teller of tale, author Hanleigh’s ‘The Rule Series’ has a diverse appeal and would be appreciated by a wide range of readers. Highly recommended.

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