Taste Like Chicken (Inside the Lines Series Book 2)


A thriller with a diverse appeal.

‘Tastes Like Chicken’ is an entertaining thriller full of mysteries, enigmas and puzzles to solve which spins around a handicapped detective- Jeff Davis. The sudden missing of Haul trucker- Big John near Hereford, Texas, leaves his wife Sheryl heading for help from detective Jeff and his partner Zig. The plot moves with a breakneck pace unfolding a weird situation where Big John wakes up in a packing house, taking down the men responsible with his special ops training which has been a secret his wife is unaware of.
‘Tastes Like Chicken’ does not lose anything by being the second in the Series of Inside the Lines in terms of believable life-like characters, embedded in a world well painted.
Author Sid Hamer truly proves her creativeness as a gifted writer by weaving a story that is at once complex, surprising, full of well paced action, colorful descriptions and engaging story line that serves to fully intrigue readers and keep them at the edge of their seats. With impressive strong narrative and lots to discover between covers, ‘Tastes Like Chicken’ by author Sid Hamer is a master piece with diverse apple sure to be appreciated by a wide range of readers & specially those with a deep taste for crime- action thriller. Highly recommended!

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