Organisational Anatomy (Towards the Twenty-First Century Organization)


A logical approach to business and management.

Author Oleg Konovalov’s ‘Organisational Anatomy’ is a straight forward, no nonsense, high quality content book that all aspiring entrepreneurs and managers should read. Its a nice feeling as I gained a lot of actionable methods and knowledge when reading this book. ‘Organisational Anatomy’ is definitely refreshing, practical and an educating read based on business and management which brings out a discussion of a new management concept from the biological perspective.
Author Oleg Konovalov chose a unique approach by classifying different types of organisations and their biological functions into five archetypes of organisations (like- producers, knowledge- dependent, location- dependent, donor- dependent and state affiliated organisation), thus covering everything one would need to examine and learn in order to develop a thriving and growing organisation.
With logical examples and comparisons to the human body, author does add flares to his very solid and deep subject of organisational anatomy. Aptly using his over 25 yrs of experience of operating business in the U.K and internationally, author Oleg Konovalov has been generous enough to put down his knowledge in creating a masterpiece of business and management in form of his very inspiring book. ‘Organisational Anatomy’ is a very well written and put together book of guidance and knowledge which deserves to be treasured and widely read. Highly recommended.

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